El Altet (Alicante)

What do I have to bring to my dog?

Food: It is not necessary, because the price includes full board. We use high quality feed. However, if your dog has special food needs or is sensitive to food change, you can bring his habitual food in order to doesn’t feel the change.

Bed and Toys: El Armario de Sugar Shop provides us beds and toys so your pet will feel as home, although if you prefer, you also can bring his for recognize the smell.

What about if I have more than one dog?

The price of our hotel is 12€/day for one dog. In case you lodge two, the price of second dog would be 9€/day and, if you have three dogs, the price of the third would decrease to 7€/day.

How is done the cleaning of the hotel?

Rooms are cleaned and desinfected twice a day (morning and night). In addition, any deposition is collected at time. Outdoor parks are daily cleaned and conditioned, always a dog leave it. 

How walks my dog?

Dogs go four times a day to our outdoor parks, to enjoy individually the thirty minutes walks. Is up to the owner if his dog walks along with other dogs.