El Altet (Alicante)

About Us

Mary’s Pet Hotel opens on 2015, but our experience support us since 1988, when we opened our first Ngorong-Ngorong Boarding Kennel. The hotel is a beautiful place on the countryside, by the sea, oriented to wellness with many nooks to enjoy the link with your pet. Come with no commitment to discover the Chill&Out sensations with your four legs friend.

And, ¿Who we are?


Head of Mary’s Pet Hotel and Ngorong-Ngorong Boarding Kennels. Titled Dog Trainer Nº CV-34 and professional dog breeder since 1988. International Judge and Executive of Canine Society of Alicante.


The soul of the hotel, professionally engaged to canine world since 1980. Famous Briard’s breeder with the affix La Dama de Elche, she achieved many champions around the world. Dedicated herself body and soul to care dogs, on Mary’s hands, dogs forget are dogs.

Bussiness Manager, Customer Service

Psychologist and animal behavior bookish. Daughter and sister of dog trainers, is all sensibility to animals, thanks she grown surrounded by them.

Customer service

Also known as Manuel Torres Junior, young novice of his father, Manuel Torres. Manager of Ngorong-Ngorong Boarding Kennels and Titled Dog Trainer Nº CV-ACC-149. Raised and educated in love of animals, always surrounded by them.